Top 5 Sex Tips That Brangelina Wish They Knew About

Many married women are tired of the same old routine that kills the buzz. They want excitement and novelty because let’s face it, we only live once!
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Being in a long-term relationship can be a very fulfilling experience because it brings stability into one’s life.

On the other hand, stability can often mean stagnation, which inevitably leads to boredom, and there is often the need to spice things up a bit.

Married women are often much more sassy than their husbands give them credit for, but years and years of taking care of their home, kids, career and everything else that life throws their way can take its toll.

So the question on everyone’s lips is:

What are some tips on how people spice things up when having sex with married women?

Change of Venue

Married women are tired of the same old routine that kills the buzz. They want excitement and novelty because let’s face it, we only live once.

If you want to get her juices flowing take her someplace nice and new, be it a 5-star hotel or the back seat of your car.

Regardless of how fancy her boudoir is chances are it doesn’t do it for her anymore so your best bet is to take her somewhere she’s never been before.

The Devil Is In The Details

The fact that she’s married means she’s experienced and more likely mature, which means she’s seen it all.

If you want to sweep a married woman off her feet you have to go above and beyond to impress her.

A cheap bottle of wine just won’t do, and neither will a dinner at Boston Pizza. Your cologne must be subtle yet enticing, and your clothes must be sexy. Keep in mind that your ‘sexy lingerie’ in her eyes is a killer power suit.


Bon Voyage

Taking a trip together just the two of you can be incredibly romantic, and most women, married or not, will kill for a little romance.

You treat her like a queen by taking her to Paris or a fancy beach front resort down south, and she’ll be more than happy to return the favor.

Married women want your undivided attention, and what better place to give it to them than when you’re free from work and all other aspects of your busy everyday life when you’re on vacation!


Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Looking for the ultimate aphrodisiac to seduce a married woman? Look no further than your nearest jewelry store.

We’re not talking engagement rings here because chances are she already has more than a few of those.

We’re talking about the little things at first, such as cute diamond earrings, or if you’re ready to serve your heart on a silver platter than a diamond necklace.

Presenting her with a flashy piece of jewelry will ensure that she rocks your world like never before.


Don’t Forget The Sex Toys

Using sex toys is a sure way to show her a good time, but you have to be careful because married women already use those on a regular basis, and you want to be original.

The trick here is to figure out her fetish and exploit it like there is no tomorrow. Also, you have to be down with whatever she’s into, be it dirty talk, fluffy handcuffs, blindfolds or role play.

And you have to be good at it. There is nothing worse than being clumsy at seduction.

Married women are often hungry for attention and if you’re ready to spoil them they’ll purr like kittens in your arms and melt away.


Ashley Rosemont

Ashley Rosemont

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