The Pros And Cons Of Casual Dating

Casual dating gives people the chance to be a lot more adventurous sexually...
casual sex dating

by Ashley Rosemont at Sssh Porn For Women And Couples

The pros and cons of casual dating

When discussing the topic of dating, it seems like the activity can be broken down into two types: you have your standard dating and then the more casual style; both of which offer things that might suit certain people and turn away others. If you’re looking to venture into the world of casual dating however, what exactly are the pros and cons you should be looking out for?

A care-free activity?

Of course when you think of casual dating one of the first things that springs to mind is its sense of freedom. You aren’t attached to one person, but instead can go as you please meeting and dating as many people as you like. It’s this care-free, relaxed nature that individuals prefer. Furthermore the term “no strings attached” might sound familiar and that rings true here, with sex really being the main focus. It almost becomes a hobby to some and that’s how they prefer it. Obviously on the flip side, to meet and fuck new partners over and over, you have to be careful who you are dealing with. With online dating becoming a hotbed for sexual encounters, it’s easy to forget the dangers that come with meeting someone off the web. In other words, keep your wits about you and exercise caution.

Less emotions

One of the key differences between casual and regular dating is its lack of a real connection or emotion. The act of falling in love, having someone who is always there for you and generally being close on a deeper level to another person is completely lost when it’s purely physical and casual. While that may work for some people, for others it’s a lifestyle that’s both lonely and unsatisfying. On the flip side however this will suit certain people. If you remove the attachment and emotion from dating, then you also eliminate any of the worries and responsibilities that come along with it. You won’t find questions such as “Where is this relationship going?” or “Will you come meet my parents” cropping up if things are just casual.

Feelings can still happen

Of course we are all human and while it’s easy to say that things will be kept casual, there’s always the chance that intention could head right out the window. No matter how hard you might fight it, there’s every possibility one of the members involved might develop feelings for the other. Not so much an issue if both feel this way, but much more complicated and unpleasant if not. So while the idea of a more casual experience might sound appealing, be careful as it could end in someone getting hurt. The best attitude to have is to be honest. If you are not feeling the same way; just tell your partner in the nicest way you can and move along to another partner. It sounds harsh but it is better than playing with someone’s emotions.

Sexual discovery

Casual dating gives people the chance to be a lot more adventurous sexually. While many find it difficult and embarrassing to discuss what they might like to try with a partner, it’s much easier to bring up your wildest fantasies with someone who is just in it for the sexual experience as well. You can both pitch ideas back and forth and find out more about yourself sexually. You never know, you may discover a few things about yourself you never knew.

Casual dating might seem like an appealing prospect, and it can be for the right people. Just make sure that is what you are looking for and you will have a great time!

The bonus in casual dating is that it’s a lot less complicated that traditional dating, as seen in this funny montage:

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