Sex Toys: Your Ancestors Knew What Worked Best!

Paleolithic art shows us that dildos were celebrated more than thirty-thousand years ago, demonstrating to us that sex play is something that humanity has enjoyed for centuries.
Paleolithic Sex Toys

by Guest Columnist Karan, at For the Closet Sex Toys

When it comes down to vaginal lubricants, then olive oil may not be the first thing that springs to mind, and with what we know now, it must be stressed that it isn’t advisable to use it in the modern day, though our ancestors, dating back to 350 BC, not only used it to cook with it, but it was also used to make sex wilder, and super-slippery! When it came down to lubricants, then this was their go-to ingredient. It really was a very clever idea, especially when you consider that one of the leading brands of lube wasn’t created till 1927, and even then, you had to get it on prescription, until the nineteen-eighties. Luckily for everyone, we now longer need to depend on olive oil, as lube is one of the most highly evolved substances available when it comes to adult items, simply because there are so many to choose from – long-lasting silicon’s, or water-based varieties, consisting of different thicknesses, flavors, stimulants; some of which even heat up as you use them.

Stone Age Double Dildo

Stone Age Double Dildo? Who Would Have Known?

Paleolithic art shows us that dildos were celebrated more than thirty-thousand years ago, demonstrating to us that sex play is something that humanity has enjoyed for centuries. Though it must be said, that as naughty and decadent as some of the ancient Greeks were, that among the Romans – even though it was they who gave us the word ”sex” from the Latin word ”sexus” – if you used any kind of phallic stimulation, you could have ended up on a stake; it was something which wasn’t to be taken lightly. By three hundred A.D., penis extenders were invented, and the design was very similar to that which you can still see today. They came in the shape of a cylinder, which enhances the length of the penis via suction, and was used as a cure for penile dysfunction, something which is still widely known today and the reason why many men tend give them a try – as with ongoing use they are known to sort out many male health problems, and satiate both the man, and his partner for many happy nights to come.

These adult toys have been titillating, and pleasuring humankind for thousands of years. We need to be thankful for the creativity, and the naughty minds of our ancestors (!), because if it wasn’t for those who pushed through social boundaries, facing the very real threat of being either ridiculed, or persecuted, these sex toys may never have found their place within the history books, and then become a firm favorite of so many people, and couples, from across the world; in reality, nobody should ever have to live without them, especially in this day and age, where there is something for everyone, an item that will suit your individual needs and desires, or allow you to explore a little further. It seems only fitting that our generation should keep pushing forwards with the discoveries that sexual items can provide each and every one of us, when our forefathers, and -mothers were so highly adaptive and original with regards to their own innovative methods.

Karan is a blogger, optimizer and owner of FortheCloset Sex Toys who lives in Hertforshire, UK. He creates the blog posts to publish his work that users can find interesting and useful in exploring their sexuality.

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