Sex Tips: How To “Blow” Your Partner’s Mind!

From a girl who knows a thing or two about pleasing your partner downstairs...
sensual blowjob

By Guest Contributor Lala Viva –  Writer, model, singer and adult actress

Women love when a man kisses them between their legs, slowly. Just like men love getting a blowjob from their woman, gals love receiving it just as much!

Here is a list of tips for men and women on pleasing your partner down there during sex…

For the women:
1. Men love blowjobs. This isn’t a secret. Not all women like to do it but I encourage you to try and have fun with it. It isn’t just a sexual act to get your partner off, but a way to show affection and have bonding moments which increase intimacy. Try licking around his penis and looking up at him with a loving, sexy glare while having it in your mouth. Give him a smile as you slowly lick around the tip. Treat his penis like you’re licking the ice cream off the cone. Do it with enjoyment and have an open mind. Nothing drives a man crazier then a woman who can show him love and to his love stick!

2. You don’t have to deep throat your man to make him have a great experience. Like i said prior, give his penis love and attention. Go up and down with your mouth, blocking your teeth with the top half of your lips to avoid any scraping.

3. Use some dialog to express how much you love him and love giving him head. Remember, a freak in the sheets but a lady in the streets is a plus to a man. Get freaky and don’t be afraid to try new things. Feel confident because you’re you! This guy is with you because he loves you, he’s into you and you showing him your love for him with your mouth can be a sexy way to prove just that.

For the men:
1. We ladies love when you kiss us between our legs and take your time. Slow and steady wins the race! Take your time telling her how beautiful she is and make eye contact while you slowly make your way down on her.

2. Play with your woman’s clitoris! One of the most sensitive spots on we ladies is our clits. Lightly run your finger on it and show it affection as you would your lady. This is a way to bond sexually and intimately. Spend time down there and tell her how much you love all of her.

3. Caress her body while you’re getting her ready to blow her mind. Kiss her slowly. Kiss her neck and whisper in her ear. When going down on her, take your time and use your tongue to go in circles. Ask your woman what she likes as far as pace, motions and positions as you go; she can guide you to achieve an amazing orgasm you both can enjoy. Again, take your time down there and don’t try literally eating it! Lick it sensually, I promise she will like to see a man confident to be asking what he can do to make her feel most stimulated.

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