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Sex is a wonderful, intimate, intense, and mind-blowing experience for everyone out there. You know how they say: sex is like pizza, even if it not that great, it’s...
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Sex is a wonderful, intimate, intense, and mind-blowing experience for everyone out there. You know how they say: sex is like pizza, even if it not that great, it’s still pretty awesome. Even just a regular type of sex with the right person is an exhilarating adventure, but there are also many kinds of sexual experiences that are a little bit more extreme and definitely more fun. There are people who are into milf dating, public sex, S&M, role playing and plenty of other interesting stuff. Therefore, we decided to create a list of 5 amazing and thrilling sexual experiences everyone should try at least once in their life.

Morning Sex

Most people are pretty grumpy and easily agitated when they wake up early for work and morning sex might just be the perfect cure for that grumpiness. Besides, when men wake up they are always ready to go (you know – morning wood), so the only thing they need to do is to put their partner in the mood. Morning sex will get your adrenaline pumping and it will definitely wake up your entire body. You will be energized, and ready for the challenges ahead. This thrilling sexual experience is the perfect way to start your day.

Make Your Wildest Fantasy Come True

Unfortunately, sex is still a taboo subject in many cultures, so people tend to be a little bit prude when it comes to lovemaking. In order to spice up your sex life, you need to break that psychological barrier and ask your partner to do this wild and exciting thing with you. It doesn’t matter what fantasy it is. It may be something common like the schoolgirl one, or you might be into something a little bit more complex and elaborate. Either way, sexual fantasies are nothing to be ashamed of, after all – they exist for a reason.

Sex In The Shower

Change of scenery is always a good idea and shower is definitely one of the hottest places to have sex in your home. You almost certainly watched at least one movie in which a hot couple enjoys shower sex, well, it’s time to create your own steaming hot shower scene and create an unforgettable memory. However, make sure to be extra careful because shower sex can be a rather slippery experience. Remember, safety comes first!

Role Playing

This is, without a doubt, one of the hottest sexual experiences you’ll ever have with your partner. In long-term relationships, sex can become monotonous, which is potentially pretty dangerous because some people tend to cheat on their partners in order to feel that sexual thrill again. In order to bring back that flammable passion to your sex life and avoid cheating your partner, you need to do something edgy and exciting together. Role playing is the perfect sexual experience for every couple out there. Both of you can pose as completely different people and you’ll have the thrill of sleeping with someone else without actually having to cheat on your loved one.

Sex In Public

Public sex is probably the most dangerous sexual adventure you can embark on. The possibility of being caught in the act is rather exciting and that adrenaline is exactly what makes this sexual endeavor so great! However, that doesn’t mean you should be an exhibitionist or disrespectful in order to have great public sex. You can find an isolated spot in the forest or park and have an amazing and thrilling adventure without insulting random passers-by.  


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