Sex And Politics – Cam Models (still) Feel the Bern!

Cam models dish about U.S. Presidential picks and policy concerns.
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AUSTIN, TX (November 3, 2016) – The U.S. Presidential election is running hot and heavy, with each day moving us closer to an unprecedented historical moment. The American public is up in arms about politics – and in the world of adult entertainment, no one is closer to that public than webcam models.

As part of a wider research project exploring webcam models’ workplace experiences, YNOT asked U.S.-based models who they want to see in the White House. Models also weighed in regarding what social and political issues they consider most significant.

When considering who the next U.S. President should be, models’ skepticism with the entire election process was apparent. Bernie Sanders received 29% of the votes, followed by a very telling “none of these” (23%). Donald Trump, who received 10% of the votes, was trounced by Hillary Clinton, who received 21%. Nods for Gary Johnson, Kermit the Frog, and Jill Stein rounded out the responses, collecting the remaining support.

In response to a question about political concerns, models were able to select as many issues as they felt pertinent from a list of topics, as well as add anything additional they considered relevant. Models ranked healthcare as the most significant issue, followed by free speech, women’s rights, and education. Write-in concerns included voters’ rights, campaign finance reform, legalization of marijuana, sex workers’ rights, and family planning for men (among other issues).

sex and politics


sex and politics

“Though I’m very excited to comb through the finer nuance of all the data that were gathered, these descriptive numbers are especially relevant right now,” Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals explained.

“Cam models’ areas of political and social interest and concern resonate with issues that many in the US feel need serious attention, while at the same time painting a picture that’s unique to sex workers. Healthcare and free speech concerns point directly to a community that need physical wellness and the right to express themselves freely in the workplace — straightforward ideas that we complicate endlessly when erotic labor is involved.”

“And regarding the Presidential election itself — well, this group of US workers seems about as incredulous as the rest of us.”

These data are part of a wider study, the analysis of which is currently in progress. YNOT and sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals designed a 45-point survey that was completed by over 400 currently active webcam models from around the globe. A full report outlining methodology and findings will be available to the public in coming months. Interim questions may be directed to and/or
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