Shower Stud Ballsy Dong by California Exotics

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Jayne Hathaway

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    by Victoria B at, Intelligent & Sexy Porn For Women

    The Shower Stud Ballsy Dong Pink Realistic Vibrator, by California Exotics. Powerful multi-speed vibrations with Ultra life-like Pure Skin material.

    I really enjoyed seeing this more traditional insertion toy come in for review this week.  In this day and age of space age techno toys with a BIG price tags, this little (or actually large) “blast from the past” was showerlike a breath of fresh air.  It’s well-made with safe materials, and does exactly what it says it does: sticks on your shower or bathtub side wall with a suction cup, and invites you for a ride!

    One thing that sets this toy aside is the addition of a built in vibrator.  Excellent feature!  Most “old-school” suction dildos don’t do that, and it’s great to have some options for rub-a-dub in the tub insertion play.

    The texture of the shaft indeed does feel very much like “skin” which, after you get past that little surprise, is a very enjoyable variation on all of the silky and satiny smooth textures so often on the market these days.

    For my test ride, I decided to use it in the shower for a bit of stand-up action.  The suction cup worked like a charm to securely attach it to the shower wall.  After applying some good quality lube, I mounted the Shower Stud “doggy style” and tried the vibrating functions. As with all California Exotics vibrating products I have tried, the motor packs just the right amount of power to provide great internal stimulation. With a little creative positioning, I managed to coax the toy into hitting my G-Spot which, combined with the “veiny” texture and hot water showering down my back, brought me to a great set of orgasms in a jiffy!

    Another nice feature of this toy is the little “easy lift tab” on the suction cup to make it easy to remove from the shower wall or bathtub surface.  I’ve had similar toys in the past that did not include a tab feature and it often made it difficult to “unstick” without heading down to the kitchen to find a butter knife to pry it loose with.  With the Shower Stud’s tab, it was simply a flick of a finger and it popped right off.

    Cleanup of the actual shaft and balls was easy, but the one thing I would suggest is to keep any lube off of the vibrator control ring as it was a bit more difficult to get into all of the little slots to get everything all cleaned up.

    Although this toy is, by nature, limited to shower and bathtub use, it’s just a great addition to my bathroom waterproof pleasure product collection.

    Features Include:

    • Sturdy suction cup base with easy lift tab.
    • Safe and pure for body and pleasure made using phthalate free materials
    • Thermoplastic Rubber TPR shaft massager, ABS plastic cap, Phthalate free PVC suction cup.
    • Vibrating sex toy requires 2 AA batteries, not included.
    • Bulk weight 8.6 ounces
    • 5 inches by 1.5 inches.
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