NCOSE – If You Can’t Beat Them, Don’t Mention Them?

Today, Calico looks at the odd silence from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation concerning the fact Donald Trump's hotels continue to offer PPV porn, this being just one of several areas in which Trump's persona and practice seem at odds with the stated mission of the NCOSE. Gee... could Trump be getting a pass from the NCOSE for *political* reasons? Nah, I'm sure that's not it...
national center on sexual exploitation

by Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women

The folks behind the National Center on Sexual Exploitation like to say they’re “exposing the seamless connection between all forms of sexual exploitation.”

They NCOSE also likes to put out press releases announcing each ‘victory,’ like its role in successfully applying political pressure to force the Texxxas Expo into a smaller venue, or convincing McDonald’s to filter its public WiFi, or its Executive Director attending a meeting in Washington, D.C. for the apparent purpose of making sure everybody knows she believes pornography is the reason Brock Turner became a rapist.

One of the NCOSE’s biggest efforts in recent years, at least judging by the number of press releases they’ve issued on the subject, is getting hotel chains to stop offering pay-per-view porn, something which probably has more to do with the declining revenues produced by such PPV offerings than any political pressure being applied on the hotel chains, but for which the NCOSE is always happy to claim credit.

One thing you won’t see the NCOSE name attached to, however, is anything criticizing our new president-elect, Donald Trump, despite the man being very much present in the middle of several of the organization’s pet issues.

Your Favorite Hotel Dropped Porn? No Problem; Next Time Book With Trump

Among the many hotels and hospitality chains which have been called out by the NCOSE, there’s an omission which seems even more glaring since the events of Tuesday, November 8: Trump hotels appear to have been spared the activist organization’s scrutiny altogether.

If you search the NCOSE website for the term “Trump,” you’ll find use of the word in lower case (in contexts like “I find no logical or ethical basis for the view that pimps’ and buyers’ rights trump the right not to be exploited…”), but nothing at all referring to the Great Orange Philanderer himself.

Lest you think the NCOSE hasn’t mentioned Trump because his interests haven’t intersected with their areas of concern, rest assured the NCOSE (selectively) cares a great deal about sexual exploitation in the context of beauty contests – and Mr. Trump’s hotels are very much among those which still offer PPV porn.

So, why has the NCOSE been completely silent with respect to Mr. Trump’s apparently sexual exploitation-linked businesses? It wouldn’t be politics, would it?

Nah, I’m sure that can’t be it.

Hell, even some of the people who cite the NCOSE and its CEO, Patrick Trueman, to support their calls to ban pornography have asserted a connection between Mr. Trump and issues near and dear to the NCOSE’s heart, making the organization’s silence on Trump seem all the more strange.

“Even the rise of Donald Trump provides evidence of pornography’s social harm,” wrote Matthew Schmitz in the op/ed linked above. “How to understand the success of Trump’s makeup-caked, misogynistic candidacy, except as an eruption onto the political stage of the pornographic subterrain?”

Hmmm. I get the sense that if Schmitz ever meets to talk about sexual exploitation and porn in person with someone from the NCOSE, it could get a little awkward.

An Interesting Intersection: Donald Trump, the NCOSE and Breitbart

As you know, Trump recently appointed Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, as his chief strategist and senior counselor.

Care to take a guess as to what media outlet serves as an occasional publishing platform for NCOSE Executive Director Dawn Hawkins? If you guessed Breitbart News, step up and claim your prize!

Of course, Hawkins would never bother mentioning something trivial like Trump’s hotels continuing to offer porn on an important platform like Breitbart. That sort of spot must be reserved for more pressing issues, like decrying the immense moral decay being caused by the continued availability of Cosmopolitan magazine.

“The reality is that Cosmo’s covers and pages encourage young girls to accept and participate in the porn-influenced and sexually violent culture that is driven by pornography and glamorized and normalized by mainstream media,” Hawkins writes. “The R-rating of Fifty Shades of Grey will not keep your young daughter from learning how to have ‘hot, throw-me-up-against-the-wall sex’ because there are step-by-step instructions in many of Cosmo’s issues.”

With all due respect, Dawn, I’d much rather have my daughter read Cosmo than pass within groping distance of our president-elect.

So, do you and NCOSE have anything to say about Mr. Trump’s “locker room talk”?  Any disapproving comments on his alleged (and at one time self-professed) proclivity to walk in on Miss Universe contestants while they were getting dressed? A little hand wringing over guests at his hotels can still rent porn using their TV remote?

No, apparently, you and the NCOSE have nothing to say about any of that.

Go figure.
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