Foreplay Is Fundamental

We have to examine why foreplay is so important. Imagine starting your car on a cold winter day- you don't just hit the gas and drive off; that's a strain on the engine.
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By Lala Viva and Kyle Neso, Contributing Writers for, Porn For Women

It’s fairly well-known in this day that foreplay is an essential element of lovemaking. Many men cringe at the very word, furrow their brows, grind their teeth, and so on. But seriously, folks- it’s nothing to stress over. Though it’s still important.

First off, we have to examine why foreplay is so important. Imagine starting your car on a cold winter day- you don’t just hit the gas and drive off; that’s a strain on the engine. You want to let it warm up for a little while. Gently press your foot against the gas peddle and watch that tachometer- ok you get the idea. I shouldn’t be comparing women to non-sentient objects.

Anyway, the point is to gradually transition from sitting sedentary on the couch to making out. Pace yourself. Slow your roll. Intimacy is like a three-legged-race: if you’re not matching your partner’s pace, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Honestly, it’s not difficult. The hardest aspect of intimacy that most men struggle with is self control. I know. She’s hot. You just want to dive in. Well, imagine diving into a pool that doesn’t have any water. It is no fun for anyone. You’ve gotta get wet first! Another very important thing to remember is that foreplay is fun. If for whatever reason she decides to call it quits early and go home (or kick you out), just play it cool and say ‘thanks for the memories’, and go rub one out. Remember to appreciate the finer aspects of intimacy- the scent of her hair, the softness of her skin, and sound of her breath. Immerse yourself in her enjoyment. Nothing is sexier than a woman’s pleasureful reactions. So just have fun, and keep it relaxed. Don’t try to force arousal; you can’t rush these things.

Sometimes, it’s just not gonna work out. And that’s ok. There’s no magic code to make any girl cream herself and leap onto your dick. But if the two of you decide to heat things up, chances are you’re going to need to throttle it back a little and take things slow.

There are a lot of things taken for granted when it comes to foreplay. When we think of touch, and sensitive areas, we don’t typically think of arms, shoulders, and backs. But those are better places to start off than diving right for the chest or lower body. When we think of communication, we think verbal. And while verbal consent is probably the absolute most important aspect of any intimate encounter, we must take other forms of communication into consideration: body language and eye contact. If you remain aware of your partner, it’s not hard to tell if they seem uncomfortable. But if they’re breathing deep and maintaining eye contact (and touching you back) then those are all positive signs.

Just have fun with it! Mutual touch and eye contact are some of the most powerful and intimate (and severely undervalued) facets of foreplay. If you and your special someone click, foreplay can become a salacious segway into some seriously sexy scenarios.

Seeya! 🙂

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