Angie Rowntree’s ‘Gone’ – Definitely NOT Your Typical Porn Movie

The result is a film with a very different feel to it than one usually encounters in porn, one in which the sex scenes propel and give sense to the plot, rather than the story simply setting up a series of disconnected sexual encounters.
Gone Erotic Movie For Women

Angie Rowntree’s ‘Gone’ – Definitely NOT Your Typical Porn Movie

Think back on all the adult videos you’ve seen in your life and ask yourself this question: What are some of the adjectives you would most likely not use to describe them?

Right at the top of your list, it’s safe to say, would be words like sad, contemplative, introspective and melancholy, if those terms even occurred to you in the first place when thinking about pornography you’ve watched in the past, that is.

This will change when you watch “Gone,” the latest adult film from director Angie Rowntree, founder and owner of While certainly erotic and sexually-explicit, what makes the movie stand out is the way in which it tugs – mightily – at the heart strings of the viewer.

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“This is the most difficult film I’ve ever made, by far,” Rowntree says of Gone, which stars Madeline Blue and Gee Richards, who are an actual couple off-screen and soon to be married.

“We weren’t just making a porn movie with a bit of a story to it,” Rowntree adds. “There were three real relationships we needed to honor here; one between the characters, one between the performers and the real-world relationship which is the original source of inspiration for the movie.”

Gone relates the story of Rebecca and Todd Adams, whose tale of love and loss is greatly enhanced not only by the on-screen chemistry shared by Blue and Richards, but by the fact the plot is largely based on the true story of a member who shared her experiences and emotional life journey with Rowntree through a series of emails.

The result is a film with a very different feel to it than one usually encounters in porn, one in which the sex scenes propel and give sense to the plot, rather than the story simply setting up a series of disconnected sexual encounters.

According to the Director:

Gone, the latest film from and director Angie Rowntree, takes us inside the world of Rebecca and Todd, a couple deeply in love, but sadly destined to part. Eschewing the usual, methodical approach to sex scenes so common in adult entertainment, Gone instead provides an intimate a glimpse into the shared world of its central characters. The film is a portrait not merely of Rebecca and Todd’s sex life, but the passion, trust and depth of commitment by which sex is transformed beyond the simple expression of desire and into something far more fundamental and affirming.

Gone is anything but rote, everything but “the same old porn.” Seamlessly integrating a range of emotions and sensations into a single erotic vision, Gone guides us through highly unexpected territory; it’s arousing and titillating, of course, but at times also bittersweet, even melancholy. For those in search of something different, something more human than what is usually seen in porn, Gone is a journey unlike any other you’ve made. Will it take you where you expect? There’s only one way to know.

“At its core, Rebecca’s story is about coping with the absence of someone you love deeply, someone you’ve shared a great deal with and who is such a part of your life you almost can’t make sense of the world without them by your side,” Rowntree says. “It’s a tough thing to depict no matter how you approach it, but especially so in the context of porn.”

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Of course, as an adult film, Gone couldn’t be a success if it weren’t also hot, sexually speaking. Here, too, the connection between Blue and Richards is palpable – and, like the movie’s emotional component, quite different from what you see in most porn. Instead of feeling like you’re watching two people “banging,” you’re watching them make love. There’s an intimacy and familiarity which really can’t be faked, so much so that even without being told they’re off-screen lovers, a lot of viewers will likely know it at a glance.

“As proud as I am of Gone, I can’t take credit so much as I have to give it to Madeline and Gee,” Rowntree says. “They were the perfect choice to take on a very difficult and unusual pair of roles, and they absolutely nailed the feel and aura we wanted to create.”

Gone is available now to members and for on-demand viewing at select VoD distributors worldwide.

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