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  • dildo urn

    Sorry Dear: You Can’t Spend the Afterlife in My Dildo

    Look, I’m all for innovation in sexual pleasure device technology, and normally just about anything which might offer the grief-stricken comfort is A-OK in my book, but I think this whole dildo-urn thing might be taking things a bit too far. Mostly, I think this because of the way...
  • Flogged BDSM Dungeon

    I Was Flogged In a BDSM Dungeon

    Naked except for my purple lace thong, leather cuffs around my ankles and wrists, a collar around my neck, and the smooth, cool feeling of the wood pressed into my skin, I wondered for a second how I went from reading kinky stories online to being flogged by my...
  • rekindle the spark sex toy

    Rekindle That Spark

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    World-renowned sex therapists, educators and best-selling authors develop this most erotic and informative series. We feature attractive real couples in real situations. Studies show sexuality videos improve communication and lead to new sexual heights.
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    Do you remember those moments when you were young, on one of your first dates? Waiting for your hand to brush up against her or him, for an opportunity for your legs to subtly press against each other. Your whole body would shiver at that little touch, full of...

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