Porn For Women – What DO Women Want?

by Coleen Singer at Porn For Women

Ever since the for-better-or-worse explosion of “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, there has also been an explosion in mainstream media examining and theorizing “What Women Want” in their porn.

These range from funny lists of websites that the authors think women would like (many of which many women probably wouldn’t like), to the odd new wave of articles that “porn for women” is hot, fully clothed men vacuuming and doing dishes.

porn for women cartoon

Having been a senior editor at porn for women website since 1999, I get to see a LOT of the polls that our members take for what they would like us to create for our new movies.  Here’s a little take-away…

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Personal responsibility works both ways ladies

It’s not unusual to see a sassy lady friend cat call a hot hunk, or me blatantly stare at a shirtless hottie lustfully. I think it’s funny and i’m pretty sure that the men like it. But I was put in my place – and rightfully so – by a friend the other day, because in all fairness I wasn’t behavin’ child!

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Rekindle That Spark

Do you remember those moments when you were young, on one of your first dates?

Waiting for your hand to brush up against her or him, for an opportunity for your legs to subtly press against each other. Your whole body would shiver at that little touch, full of curiosity and expectation about what would come next.

Early sex in any relationship is exciting, everything feels like an adventure.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have that kind of excitement with your partner even after years and years together?

Let’s try to recreate some of those deliciously memorable experiences.
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